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Updated 2/10/2014
Fall 2013 Athletic Schedule
Updated 9/16/13   
Times and Dates are Subject to Change

Woodgrove Athletic Programs

Fall Cheer 8/4/2014
Cross-country 8/4/2014
Golf 8/4/2014
Football - 8/4/2014
Volleyball 8/4/2014
Winter Cheer 11/10/2014
Boy's Basketball 11/10/2014
Girl's Basketball 11/10/2014
Gymnastics 11/10/2014
Boy's and Girl's Swim 11/10/2014
Wrestling 11/10/2014
Baseball 2/23/2015
Softball 2/23/2015
Girl's Lacrosse 2/23/2015
Boy's Lacrosse 2/23/2015
Girl's Soccer 2/23/2015
Boy's Soccer 2/23/2015
Girl's Tennis 2/23/2015
Boy's Tennis 2/23/2015
Girl's Track 2/23/2015
Boy's Track
Fall Sports
Fall Cheer Katie Moeser
Boys and Girls Cross Country Scott Burns
Football Mike Skinner
Golf Jason Lutman
Volleyball Carmel Keilty
Winter Sports
Winter Cheer tba
Boy's Basketball Stephen Douglas
Girl's Basketball Kevin Copley
Gymnastics tba
Boy's and Girl's Swimming Michele Song
Wrestling Scott Fortney
Spring Sports
Baseball Brad Bauder
Softball Joe Spicer
Girl's Lacrosse Bob Fuller
Boy's Lacrosse Jeff Lewandowski
Girl's Soccer Erin Barrett
Boy's Soccer  John Sharples
Girl's Tennis Louis Sharp
Boy's Tennis Steve Cohen
Boy's and Girl's Track Kent Staneart
Physicals for the 2014-15 School Year must be administered on or AFTER May 1, 2014
In order for your son/daughter to participate on the first day of practice in one of the sports,
ALL paperwork must be completed and turned into the Athletic Office by
July 18, 2014 for the Fall, October 31, 2014, for the Winter and/or February 9th 2015 for the Spring
Students wishing to participate in the "off-season" practices are required to have all forms turned into the Athletic Director's Office. 
Student Athletes planning to participate in a sport will not be able to try out until the coach receives the following 6 forms
Update April 2014 
Update June 2014 
Forms can be down loaded.
Please make sure these forms are properly filled out and signed in appropriate places. 
Forms are distributed in a PDF format. To open and read these forms, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free download at the following site.Download


Athletic Director: Rusty Lowery
Assistant Athletic Director: Bruce Sheppard
Athletic Trainer: Paul Peterson

Athletic Office Phone: 540.751.2610

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